A Day on The Ice

The ice this year is beautiful. So crisp and clear- that if you look carefully you can see fish swimming underneath.

Dave spent a good part of his Saturday taking the Zamboni out on the ice and preparing for the skaters. Thank you Dave!

While there are still some cracks in the ice, for those who have skated the marathon in Bemidji before know that the ice will be absolutely pristine by the time the National Marathon rolls around on February 20 and 21.

Here is something to note, this past Sunday a few skaters from the cities drove up to skate on the oval and to prepare. From Dorothy, a blogger with This Might Hurt our Reputation (http://rightoverleft.wordpress.com):

Once I hit the oval and began to skate I was quick to notice that the lake ice is much faster than the Roseville ice.  I am sure that a physics lesson could explain why but for now just knowing it was faster made the thought of traveling around the 1K oval seem less daunting.


The Applications Are Available

Please click here or select under the 2010 Marathon tab- Registration Info. Mail in registration closes February 15th. Late registrations will be accepted, with a $10.00 late fee, on site.


Oval Update

Today, Friday the 15th, we are going to Zamboni the ice!

The weather forecast calls for a high of 35 degrees, which can pose a problem as the ‘scrappings’ get wet and mushy, as this can clog the Auger.

Usually the Zamboni process takes only a few laps before you can skate on it.

Folks are coming Sunday afternoon to skate. All are invited anytime. We will try to keep it maintained as long as it’s cold enough.

Email or call ahead if you are curious about the conditions at 218-444-3884.