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Congrats to All Competitors

The US National Speedskating Marathon was held on February 20-21, 2010 in Bemidji, MN. Danny Fredrick (Roseville, MN) won the 25k with a track record of 45:42.91 and Erik Wardenaar (Golden Valley, MN) won the 50k with a time of 1:45:14.38. The weather on Saturday was absolutely pristine, while Sunday brought a light dusting of [...]

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We Are Ready for You!

In a little less than 36 hours the starting gun will go off for the 2010 National Marathon. The ice will be flooded Friday morning and then Zambonied, please check with the crew if you will be able to skate the oval, especially in the morning and early afternoon. Registration will take place in the [...]

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A Day on The Ice

The ice this year is beautiful. So crisp and clear- that if you look carefully you can see fish swimming underneath. Dave spent a good part of his Saturday taking the Zamboni out on the ice and preparing for the skaters. Thank you Dave! While there are still some cracks in the ice, for those [...]

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