What to Wear to Practice:

Helmet- A bicycle helmet works well.

Long Sleeves- Under Armor/Cuddle Duds or any close fitting, flexible shirt. Some skaters will wear a  lightweight sweatshirt or fleece top over this.

Long pants- Under Armor/Cuddle Duds or any other close fitting flexible pants and/or wind pants are fine.

Gloves- Lightweight globs with smooth, reinforce fingers work well. Skaters can use gloves designed for speedskating, winter globes, football, or gardening gloves.

Short track or long track speedskates- Boots and blades designed for speedskating. There are two types of blades, short track or long track. The pioneer skating club has skates available for use.

Other Recommendations:

Eye protection- Use shatter-proof sport glasses or goggles. It is intended that this will not fall off the face.

Neck guard- is a piece of strong fabric with Velcro to close it around the neck. You should be able to pick this up at any store which sells hockey equipment.

Knee pads- Volleyball or  soccer knee pads are fine.

Shin guards- Soccer shin guards are acceptable.

Water and/or a sports drink- please do not bring the drink in a glass bottle, bike water bottles work well.

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